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How It Works

You subscribe to our programme via PayPal. You will then receive question papers every week, sent out by email (normally on a Sunday evening).
Your child has a week to answer the questions and submit them to the on-line answer sheets (links will be included in the email along with the question papers).
Alternatively, you can print off the worksheets and allow the child to answer by hand. Afterwards, just take a picture of the completed sheet and either text or email the image to us.
We will mark the answers and keep a record of your child's progress. At the end of each month you will receive a report by email of your child's progress along with some recommendations.
If your child is having difficulty on particular questions you can email, phone, or text for help.
Your child will have access to our on-line quizzes that may prove beneficial during the early months of the programme to familiarise them with the type of questions expected. These quizzes are marked automatically but we receive a record of the results for every quiz undertaken.


Don't hesitate to contact us with any queries. Phone: 07596879382
email: admin@elemprep.co.uk