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About Us

My name is Lewis Johnson and I am the founder of ElemPrep. I graduated with a 2:1 in BA Geography from the University of Leicester, where I specialised in teaching and educational justice. Prior to that I studied at Langley Grammar School and worked for three years at a private tuition company in Slough. While at university, I continued tutoring one-to-one for a number of families in and around east Berkshire. It became clear to me through both schooling and work that there was a clear correlation between attaining a place at a grammar school and family wealth. Therefore I have created this programme to provide affordable and more accessible resources to a wider pool of 11+ applicants to ensure that those capable of attending Grammar schools have the opportunity to do so.


Don't hesitate to contact us with any queries. Phone: 07596879382
email: admin@elemprep.co.uk